Amanda has worked with animals most of her life, so becoming a trainer was a natural fit for her. She not only teaches obedience, she also works with fearful and aggressive dogs, having had much success in teaching clients how to manage those behaviors.

Amanda is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and is working toward accreditation to become a Certified Behavior Consultant. She has attended Emma Parson’s “Healing Dog-To-Dog Aggression” and is a Worldwide Who’s Who VIP member for Outstanding Professionalism in the Dog Training Industry. Amanda enjoys helping anxious, fearful, and aggressive dogs. She works on socialization and teaches coping skills using the latest techniques available.

Amanda has had success in training deaf dogs and trained her first dog for the Hallmark television movie “The Lost Valentine,” which aired in 2011.

Amanda has three dogs, Sophie, Chloe and Gibby. Aside from training, Amanda also enjoys climbing, writing, and painting. She trains using positive reinforcement methods and believes that training dogs to behave both at home and away from home makes for a happier environment for all.