Anthony RodriguezIf you love your job, there is no such thing as work, and when it comes to dog training, there are few things Anthony loves more. He believes training needs to be as much fun for the dog as it is for the human and that relationship-building and communication are crucial. When it comes to Anthony, there are absolutely no strangers. He loves making connections with others – both human and canine – and has a calm spirit that even the shyest dog finds welcoming, hence his special interest in working with fearful and anxious dogs.

Anthony has a 7 year old pit bull/Weimaraner mix, Molly, who is his entire world. Anthony & Molly took classes with Rebecca Mason in 2017 and have not looked back. They have experimented with agility training and currently taking K9 Nose Work classes. Anthony enjoys volunteering his time at Shelby Humane Society, helping to provide training and enrichment for shelter dogs.

Anthony has been with Love Them Train Them since January 2018. He is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Operations Management with a specialization in Leadership Communication from the University of Alabama. Anthony has many topics he is passionate about — he is avid about float therapy and dreams of opening a flotation center one day. He also loves music and travel and enjoys attending festivals all over the country, where he gets to pursue one of his other interests… just being with people and getting to know them! He looks forward to getting to know you and your dog! Anthony teaches classes at our Vestavia and Inverness locations.

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge AssessedThe Association for Force Free Professionals