Join us for puppy playtime at Shaggy Chic Grooming in Alabaster!

When a young puppy has many positive encounters with other dogs, she is more likely to have good relationships with dogs for the rest of her life! Let’s get those good memories started! Join us for Puppy Playtime on Sundays in Alabaster! Playtime will be held under the supervision of one of Love Them Train Them’s certified instructors in order to ensure that puppies aren’t overwhelmed and are playing appropriately. The instructor will act as a translator or commentator of sorts, teaching you how to understand your pup’s body language and play style as he or she learns to communicate with others! Each play session will last for 30 minutes and puppies will be grouped by size and/or play style.

*Note: This facility adheres to cleaning protocols that make it safe for puppy play.  All puppies will be required to have all age-appropriate vaccinations.

Two Sundays per month!

2:45-3:15 pm (ages 8-16 weeks)

Enroll online