Body Language & Bite Prevention Seminar – $20 / family (adults only)

Is it stress or a smile? Most people can’t tell the difference! This seminar is offered for adults in partnership with Dr. Jenny Biehunko DVM of Veterinary Behavior Consultants of Alabama. Topics include body language, stress signals, how fear and anxiety can lead to aggression, predatory drift, why you should never punish a growl, why forceful training methods exacerbate behavioral issues, and how dogs learn new concepts. This seminar is especially crucial for parents in order to recognize warning signals before problems escalate, but anyone in attendance will be amazed at how much they thought they knew but didn’t!

“Loved it!!! I feel so informed about what to look for now to make sure I can remove my dog from stressful situations and make sure my friend’s children are always safe around her.”

Jordan C.

“A passionate and clear presentation for reading canine body (and facial) language and promoting positive training techniques to facilitate true understanding and meaningful connections with dogs. Especially striking were the images of young children with dogs that they found via a simple internet search. They were all meant to be cute or funny but once I understood the language it was easy to see that many dogs were actually signaling stress. Thank you both for this valuable presentation.”

Caroline C.

“Best class on dogs I have been to. With more positive training we will change (I hope) my dog’s behavior. I cannot wait for another informative seminar like this.”

Karen W.

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