If you’re looking for a fun challenge, Tricks Time is where it’s at! This six-week course features 25 fun dog tricks that will awe and delight! At the end of the course, students perform a routine for the class!

Included are high five, jump through a hoop, play a piano, push a buggy, skateboarding, the hokey pokey, and more! This class is excellent for active, bored, or destructive dogs who need an outlet! Any dog can enroll – no prior training required!

COVID Policy: For individuals who are not vaccinated, please wear a mask in class. Thank you for understanding. We want all students to learn and have fun in a way that is safe for everyone!

Can’t join us in person? Abbreviated version offered digitally! Contact info@lovethemtrainthem.com for more info.

Upcoming Classes:

Avondale – Hand in Paw. View Start Dates

Pell City – Dogville USA – coming soon!

Vivienne learning to kick like a chorus girl

Tilly plays the piano

Razzy performs her hula routine

Runa’s first day trying out the piano