Nervous Nellie is a 4-week course designed to build confidence in dogs that are uncertain of new places, people, or dogs by teaching students new games and skills that increase independent problem solving and reinforce focus.

Your canine friend will develop confidence when exposed to novel things in their environment such as equipment, toys, dogs, people, smells, sounds, textures and more. The aim of the course, developed by Meredith Dempsey CPDT-KA, is to have the confidence gained by exposure to novel things in the classroom transfer to other environments.

Note: Not all anxious dogs are candidates for this course. Good candidates must have enough confidence to maintain curiosity in novel things and be willing to take food in the classroom environment. Dogs who bark excessively at others, or dogs that have an extreme phobia of new places, people, or dogs will be overwhelmed by the classroom environment and should do private lessons in their home, which we will be happy to provide. To determine if your dog would succeed in this class, contact

COVID Policy: At this time, masks are optional.

Upcoming Start Dates – Shaggy Chic Grooming, Alabaster

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