Modeled after veterinary behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar’s work and specifically designed for puppies ages 8-­12 weeks old, this comprehensive four week course is a great way to expose your new pet to novel sounds, sights, and textures. Also included in the course work is body handling and socialization with strangers, children, and other pups under the guidance of a skilled instructor, plus instruction on potty training and nipping. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has issued a position statement that the risks of under­-socialization greatly outweigh the risks of exposure to other pups. Read more about this here!

Yappy Hour is designed as a revolving course so that puppies can join any week, maximizing the advantages of early intervention during crucial learning periods.

Yappy Hour is taught by Ally Gibson and meets on Monday evenings. Class location is Altadena Valley Animal Clinic in Vestavia. $125 for four weeks. Enroll Here!

COVID Policy: Masks are required in group class. For Yappy Hour, we are limiting attendance to 1 handler per puppy so that more pups can participate. Thank you for understanding. We want our students to learn and have fun in a way that is safe for everyone!

Not able to meet with us?

We also offer in-home socialization sessions, too! These sessions include in-depth instruction on potty training, nipping, and chewing; practice interacting with moving objects; exposure to novel surfaces and objects; and a puppy socialization checklist for mom and dad! To schedule an in-home session, contact

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