As both a mom and a former elementary school teacher, Rebecca values the importance of keeping kids safe around pets by teaching them to understand the ways that dogs communicate. In an effort to do this, Love Them Train Them LLC offers multiple avenues to educate both parents and children.

Kids’ Clinic: Learn to Speak Dog!
June 15th from 1:00-2:00 pm at the Pelham Recreation Center

Ages 6-10, $8 per child. A parent must be present.

Call 620-6426 to enroll your child!

In our Learn to Speak Dog clinic, children ages 6 and up will…

Be a dog detective! Students will learn canine body language and put their knowledge to the test!

Learn what the “bite zone” is (can you guess?) and how to avoid it!

Learn how to properly pet dogs to avoid frightening them or getting bitten or snapped at

Learn what to do if approached by a stray dog

Learn when it’s not okay to approach their own dog or a friend’s dog and what to do if they growl

Make friends and have some silly fun!

Learning will be interactive and hands-on as the children role play how to handle difficult situations with pets. Join us!

Coming to the Pelham Recreation Center June 15th at 1 pm!

$8 per child, ages 6-10. Call 620-6426 to register your child!