Our trainer made sure that training was a positive experience for everyone involved, and she never made us feel embarrassed if we didn’t get to practice something that week as much as we would have liked to. If our dog was having a hard time focusing, she was always super understanding and patient, which I really loved about her! She was very knowledgeable about dog behavior, and it was abundantly clear that she loves what she does. She made our class so much fun!!!

– Ashleigh H.

My trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable and you could tell she loved was she was teaching. I was very impressed with her patience during the entire class, especially with my young Goldendoodle and me. My dog learned so much in this class, the training all seemed to come together.

– Kathy F.

Our trainer was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable, professional, easy to understand, provided good resources… She helped us manage our dog’s behaviors that were serious concerns, improving his life and our lives with him.

– Stephanie L.

I’m at a stage in my life right now where committing to a class at the same time each week isn’t possible, so having the flexibility to schedule private lessons week by week has been great! I also have really enjoyed the one-on-one focus that a virtual session allows. The videos that they provide are short and informative. My trainer does a great job with instruction during the sessions too. I had no idea the virtual platform would be such a great way to start this training process for our puppy!”

– Jennifer S.

Amazing. She is always encouraging and her examples and explanations always made sense. Hands down the best trainer I’ve EVER had the pleasure of learning from. My pup (and future pups) will be back for sure!!

– George W.

Our instructor gave constructive and clear instructions and critiques and gave lots of positive reinforcement to both me and my dog. My dog loved her and we are looking forward to booking private lessons with her in the near future.

– Anonymous