Rebecca Mason, CPDT-KA, ANWI, CTDI, M.Ed.
Owner & Head Trainer

Rebecca is a teacher first and a dog trainer second. She believes that in order to have a well-behaved dog, it is the owner who must be taught first. Rebecca thrives on interaction with both people and pets and brings passion and determination to her work. She believes that every dog has potential, no matter the age or breed, and that if it can be done, it can be done using positive methods. Rebecca is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and has been training dogs professionally for 15 years. She does not subscribe to the use of force or intimidation and believes that training is about a bond of trust and love between dog and handler. 

Brihanna Contreras, CPDT-KA

Associate Trainer

Brihanna is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), an avid animal lover, and a wonderful, patient instructor. She first took classes with Rebecca Mason in 2013 and joined Love Them Train Them in 2018. She was previously a veterinary technician for many years at Bluff Park Animal Clinic and is mom to 6 dogs — Aminah, Willa, Luna, Lynx, Pongo, and Aleu — and 2 cats, Joplin and Cy. Brihanna enjoys competing with her dogs in dock diving, FastCAT, flyball, and scent work competitions. She is very passionate about rescue and spends her free time working with Steel City Cat Rescue. Brihanna loves teaching both obedience and tricks, and she enjoys watching timid dogs gain confidence through their training experiences. Her favorite thing about training is seeing the difference in the owner’s knowledge and ability from week 1 to week 6 and watching them learn to problem-solve. Brihanna is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She teaches at our Vestavia, downtown B’ham, and Alabaster locations and also offers in-home lessons.

Callie Richie, Associate Trainer

Callie began her training journey with Roxie, the first dog she got as an adult. Roxie passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test, and over those years of working with Roxie, Callie fell in love with dog training. The rest was history! Callie and Roxie have earned multiple tricks titles together, including AKC Trick Dog Advanced. Callie believes in positive reinforcement training because it helps build a bond with our pets that leads to amazing relationships! Callie is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and is involved with multiple volunteer endeavors. She and Roxie are an active therapy team with Hand in Paw, visiting the Exceptional Foundation and other organizations. In addition, Callie volunteers her time with Joe Jackson’s Dog World, an animal rescue in Jemison, and she is also mom to three lovely cats!