Our private lessons are tailored to meet specific needs of the owner and dog. Commonly requested topics include basic obedience in the home, counter surfing problems, leash walking, dashing out doorways, leaving dangerous objects, potty training, nipping, jumping, and more. We also offer behavior modification for dogs who struggle with reactivity, fear, anxiety, or mild aggression.

We begin by scheduling a one-hour consultation so that we can meet you and your dog in your home, discuss the issues you are having, and formulate a plan that works for you and your family.

***Additional fees may apply for multiple dogs. Travel fees may apply, depending on what part of town you live in.

Please contact rebecca@lovethemtrainthem.com to schedule.

Private Rates:

Pricing varies by location and topics covered. Lessons involving fear, anxiety, or reactivity will incur additional charges due to complexity and the necessity for additional assistants to help with sessions. Pricing below is an estimate; your instructor will give you accurate package pricing at the consultation.

Obedience consultation – $100-$150 depending on travel

Behavior consultation – $125-$150 depending on travel

Training Packages – 4 lessons starts at $350 / 6 lessons starts at $495 (Travel fees may apply)

***Private training packages are NON-REFUNDABLE. We value our trainers’ time and hard work, so please understand there will be no exceptions. Packages are valid for six months from date of purchase. After six months have passed, any unscheduled lessons are forfeited.

Commonly Requested Packages:

Dog Reactivity

Does your dog bark incessantly or lunge at other dogs on walks? Are you unable to take her to group classes because she becomes too stressed or shuts down? If so, we recommend one of our reactive dog packages where we come to you! We will provide you with resources and educate you and your family members on the processes of counter-conditioning and desensitization, on reactivity thresholds, and on canine body language, plus we will begin teaching your dog some focus exercises in order to prepare for future sessions.

Following the consultation, we will teach your dog some focus and redirection exercises and how to calmly observe a distraction. Then we will bring in known dogs as helpers, gradually teaching your dog to calmly observe other dogs on walks and to stay tuned in to you. The goal is not to simply extinguish the barking – it’s to heal the emotional state of your dog. Barking is just a symptom; fear, frustration, or overstimulation is typically the root cause. Treat the cause and you’re truly helping the dog!

Package structure:

For reactivity, we start with a 1 hour consultation. Then you begin your training package, which consists of 2 one-hour lessons followed by 3-5 thirty-minute lessons, depending on the package you select. During the initial lessons, your trainer will work with just you and your dog, teaching him or her some crucial foundational skills that will help him to cope with exciting or frightening stimuli. During the following thirty-minute lessons, you’ll work on teaching your dog to calmly observe triggers (such as dogs, joggers, etc.) and then to check back in with you. (Please note, we will make every effort to provide helpers with calm dogs for these lessons, but if no helper is available, you may be asked to provide a human helper while we provide a dog.)

Fear & Anxiety –

Is your dog nervous or uncertain? Does she bark or hide when visitors come over, or when you sweep the floor? Fearful or anxious dogs will either try to run and hide from things they are afraid of or react in a more offensive way (barking, lunging or growling) to try and create distance between themselves and a frightening trigger. By using desensitization and counter-conditioning techniques, we can help to modify your dog’s fear-based behaviors while healing the emotional state of the dog, not just the symptoms. No dog deserves to be afraid when there is help to be had! Let us help you and your dog move through the world with less stress and worry!